Symfony 6.3.1 released

Symfony 6.3.1 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.3.0:

bug #50763 [DependencyInjection] Skip errored definitions deep-referenced as runtime exceptions (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50637 [FrameworkBundle] Fixed parsing new JSON output of debug:config not possible (@Toflar)
bug #50728 [HttpClient] Explicitly exclude CURLOPT_POSTREDIR (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50710 [FrameworkBundle] Fix setting decorated services during tests (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50749 [AssetMapper] Allow DirectoryResource for cache (@weaverryan)
bug #50760 [HttpFoundation] Require PHPUnit 9.6 by default (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50747 [HttpKernel] Nullable and default value arguments in RequestPayloadValueResolver (@mdeboer)
bug #48961 [WebProfilerBundle] right blocks: fix display (@jmsche)
bug #50730 [HttpFoundation] Make Request::getPayload() return an empty InputBag if request body is empty (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50654 [Validator] Add the message option to the PasswordStrength constraint (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #50671 [HttpClient] Fix encoding some characters in query strings (Daniel Kozák)
bug #50673 [HttpKernel] make RequestPayloadValueResolver::resolve() throw on variadic argument (@javaDeveloperKid)
bug #50655 Revert „Respect isRetryable decision of the retry strategy for re-delivery“ (@bendavies)
bug #50665 [FrameworkBundle] Ignore missing directories in about command (@ro0NL)
bug #50644 [VarDumper] Dumping DateTime throws error if getTimezone is false (@bogdanmoza)
bug #50712 [FrameworkBundle] Fix secrets:list not displaying local vars (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50656 Only update autoload_runtime.php when it changed (@Seldaek)
bug #50698 [HttpClient] Fix int conversion for GenericRetryStrategy with floated multiplier (@francisbesset)
bug #50686 [Messenger] Don’t mark RedispatchMessage as internal (@valtzu)
bug #50530 [DependencyInjection] Fix support for false boolean env vars (@Okhoshi)
bug #50577 [HttpClient] Remove final keyword on AsyncResponse (@lyrixx)
bug #50611 [Clock] Fix MockClock::modify() on PHP 8.3 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50548 [FrameworkBundle] Show non-bundle extensions in debug:config & config:dump list view & completion (@HypeMC)
bug #50585 [Cache] Fix RedisTrait::createConnection for cluster (@darkanakin41)
bug #50599 [MonologBridge] widen return type for Monolog 3 compatibility (@xabbuh)
bug #50546 [FrameworkBundle] Fix debug:config & config:dump in debug mode (@HypeMC)
bug #50560 [DependencyInjection] Support PHP 8.2 true and null type (@ruudk)
bug #50563 [FrameworkBundle] remove unusable cache pools (@xabbuh)
bug #50567 [PhpUnitBridge] Ignore deprecations about the annotation mapping driver when it’s not possible to move to the attribute driver yet (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50562 [Lock] Fix sprintf (@fancyweb)
bug #50540 [Validator] GH-50526: Reverting ExecutionContextInterface void return types in favor of docblock annotations. (@upchuk)
bug #50524 Fix Doctrine deprecations (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50539 [Validator] Remove internal from methods on non-internal interfaces (@wouterj)
bug #50532 [Messenger] Prevent StopWorkerOnSignalsListener::$signals to be assigned to null in case SIGTERM constant doesn’t exist (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #50534 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix support for the NO_COLOR env var (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50525 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix classifying doctrine/deprecations as direct/indirect (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50521 [Serializer] Fix ignoring objects that only implement DenormalizableInterface (@spideyfusion)
bug #50517 [DependencyInjection] Fix casting scalar env vars from null (@fancyweb)
bug #50515 [Mailer] [MailPace] Fix undefined array key in errors response (Florian Heller)
bug #50514 [PhpUnitBridge] Disable deduplication of Doctrine deprecations (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50508 [Messenger] Add deprecation message for the messenger.listener.stop_worker_on_sigterm_signal_listener service (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #50507 [Cache] Fix DBAL deprecations (@MatTheCat)
bug #50501 [Serializer] Fix discriminator map not working with AbstractNormalizer::OBJECT_TO_POPULATE (@HypeMC)
bug #50503 [SecurityBundle] Fix error message when using OIDC and web-token/jwt-core is not installed (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50498 [FrameworkBundle] ease migration to symfony 6.3 (@lyrixx)
bug #50480 [Serializer] Fix discriminator map not working with AbstractNormalizer::OBJECT_TO_POPULATE (@HypeMC)
bug #50493 [VarDumper] Use documentElement instead of body for JS flag (@ohader)

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