Symfony 6.3.5 released

Symfony 6.3.5 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.3.4:

bug #51773 [Mailer] [Mailgun] Fix outlook sender (@Romanavr)
bug #50761 [DoctrineBridge] Ignore invalid stores in LockStoreSchemaListener raised by StoreFactory (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #51508 [Messenger] Fix routing to multiple fallback transports (@valtzu)
bug #51468 [Messenger] Fix forced bus name gone after an error in delayed message handling (@valtzu)
bug #51509 [HttpKernel] Fix the order of merging of serializationContext and self::CONTEXT_DENORMALIZE (@pedrocasado)
bug #51701 [Serializer] Fix parsing XML root node attributes (@mtarld)
bug #50787 [Messenger] Fix exiting messenger:failed:retry command (@HypeMC)
bug #49700 [Serializer] Fix reindex normalizedData array in AbstractObjectNormalizer::denormalize() (André Laugks)
bug #51489 [Mime] Fix email (de)serialization issues (@X-Coder264)
bug #51529 [Mailer] [Mailgun] fix parsing of payload timestamp to event date value (DateTimeImmutable) in MailgunPayloadConverter (@ovgray)
bug #51728 [AssetMapper] Fixing jsdelivr regex to catch 2x export syntax in a row (@weaverryan)
bug #51726 [Validator] NoSuspiciousCharacters custom error messages fix (@bam1to)
bug #51588 [FrameworkBundle] Always use buildDir as ConfigBuilderGenerator outputDir (@HypeMC)
bug #51754 [Cache] Fix Redis6Proxy (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #51721 [Notifier][Telegram] Add escaping for slashes (@igrizzli)
bug #51704 [Routing] Fix routing collection defaults when adding a new route to a collection (@bram123)
bug #51675 [Messenger] Fix cloned TraceableStack not unstacking the stack independently (@krciga22)
bug #51198 [DependencyInjection] Fix autocasting null env values to empty string with container.env_var_processors_locator (@fancyweb)
bug #51683 [Cache] Fix support for Redis Sentinel using php-redis 6.0.0 (@Qonstrukt)
bug #51686 [SecurityBundle][PasswordHasher] Fix password migration with custom hasher service with security bundle config (@ogizanagi)
bug #51669 [FrameworkBundle] Handle tags array attributes in descriptors (@fancyweb)
bug #51671 [FrameworkBundle] Fix support for translator.default_path in XML (@HeahDude)
bug #51659 [HttpClient] Fix TraceableResponse if response has no destruct method (@maxhelias)
bug #51629 [Notifier] Fix Smsmode HttpClient mandatory headers (@inwebo)
bug #51674 [Scheduler] Match next run timezone with „from“ timezone (@valtzu)
bug #51598 [Cache] fix using multiple Redis Sentinel hosts when the first one is not resolvable (@digilist)
bug #51497 [FrameworkBundle] no serializer mapping cache in debug mode without enable_annotations (@soyuka)
bug #51645 [String] Update wcswidth data with Unicode 15.1 (@fancyweb)
bug #51586 [ErrorHandler] Handle PHP 8.3 highlight_file function output changes (@PhilETaylor)
bug #47221 [Serializer] Fallback looking for DiscriminatorMap on interfaces (@Caligone)
bug #50794 [TwigBridge] Change return type of SymfonyBridgeTwigAppVariable::getSession() (@Dirkhuethorst)
bug #51568 [Mailer] bug – fix EsmtpTransport variable $code definition (@kgnblg)
bug #51511 [PasswordHasher] Avoid passing null to hash_pbkdf2() (@sdespont)

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