Symfony 6.3.8 released

Symfony 6.3.8 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.3.7:

bug #51666 [RateLimiter] CompoundLimiter was accepting requests even when some limiters already consumed all tokens (@10n)
security #cve-2023-46734 [TwigBridge] Ensure CodeExtension’s filters properly escape their input (@nicolas-grekas, @GromNaN)
security #cve-2023-46735 [Webhook] Remove user-submitted type from HTTP response (@nicolas-grekas)
security #cve-2023-46733 [Security] Fix possible session fixation when only the token changes (@RobertMe)
bug #52514 [FrameworkBundle] Don’t reference SYMFONY_IDE env var in non-debug mode (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52506 [SecurityBundle] wire the secret for Symfony 6.4 compatibility (@xabbuh)
bug #52496 [VarDumper] Accept mixed key on DsPairStub (@marc-mabe)
bug #52502 [Config] Prefixing FileExistenceResource::__toString() to avoid conflict with FileResource (@weaverryan)
bug #52491 [String] Method toByteString conversion using iconv is unreachable (@Vincentv92)
bug #52488 [HttpKernel] Fix PHP deprecation (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52476 [Messenger] fix compatibility with Doctrine DBAL 4 (@xabbuh)
bug #52474 [HttpFoundation] ensure string type with mbstring func overloading enabled (@xabbuh)
bug #52472 [HttpClient][WebProfilerBundle] Do not generate cURL command when files are uploaded (@MatTheCat)
bug #52457 [Cache][HttpFoundation][Lock] Fix empty username/password for PDO PostgreSQL (@HypeMC)
bug #52443 [Yaml] Fix uid binary parsing (@mRoca)
bug #52429 [HttpClient] Replace escapeshellarg to prevent overpassing ARG_MAX (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #52442 Disable the „Copy as cURL“ button when the debug info are disabled (@stof)
bug #52444 Remove full DSNs from exception messages (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52428 [HttpKernel] Preventing error 500 when function putenv is disabled (@ShaiMagal)
bug #52408 [Yaml] Fix block scalar array parsing (@NickSdot)
bug #52132 [Console] Fix horizontal table top border is incorrectly rendered (@OskarStark)
bug #52367 [Uid] Fix UuidV7 collisions within the same ms (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52222 [MonologBridge] Fix support for monolog 3.0 (@louismariegaborit)

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