Symfony 6.4.0-BETA2 released

Symfony 6.4.0-BETA2 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.4.0-BETA1:

bug #52329 [HttpClient] Psr18Client: parse HTTP Reason Phrase for Response (@Hanmac)
bug #52323 [AssetMapper] Allowing circular references in JavaScriptImportPathCompiler (@weaverryan)
bug #52331 [AssetMapper] Fix file deleting errors & remove nullable MappedAsset on JS import (@weaverryan)
bug #52332 [Yaml] Fix deprecated passing null to trim() (@javaDeveloperKid)
bug #52349 [AssetMapper] Fix in-file imports to resolve via filesystem (@weaverryan)
bug #52343 [Intl] Update the ICU data to 74.1 (@jderusse)
bug #52347 [Form] Fix merging form data and files (ter) (Jan Pintr)
bug #52330 [AssetMapper] Fixing memory bug where we stored way more file content than needed (@weaverryan)
bug #52325 [AssetMapper] jsdelivr „no version“ import syntax (@weaverryan)
bug #52307 [Scheduler] Save checkpoint in a finally block (@FrancoisPog)
feature #52193 [PhpUnitBridge] Allow setting the locale using SYMFONY_PHPUNIT_LOCALE env var (@VincentLanglet)
bug #52290 [DebugBundle] ignore a not-existing virtual request stack (@xabbuh)
bug #52308 [SecurityBundle] Fix missing login-link element in xsd schema (@fancyweb)
bug #51331 [Messenger] add handler description as array key to HandlerFailedException::getWrappedExceptions() (@kbond)
bug #51992 [Serializer] Fix using DateIntervalNormalizer with union types (@Jeroeny)
bug #52276 DB table locks on messenger_messages with many failures (@bn-jdcook)
bug #52232 [Messenger] declare constructor argument as optional for backwards compatibility (@xabbuh)
bug #52254 [AssetMapper] Adding import-parsing case where import contains a path (@weaverryan)
bug #52283 [Serializer] Handle default context when denormalizing timestamps in DateTimeNormalizer (@mtarld)
bug #52272 [VarDump] Fix order of dumped properties – parent goes first (@lyrixx)
bug #52274 [FrameworkBundle] re-introduce conflict rule with WebProfilerBundle < 6.4 (@xabbuh)
bug #52268 [Mailer][Notifier] Update Sendinblue / Brevo API host (@Stephanie)
bug #52255 [Form] Skip merging params & files if there are no files in the first place (@dmaicher, @priyadi)
bug #52234 add return type hints to EntityFactory (@xabbuh)
bug #52229 [FrameworkBundle] Fix CommandDataCollector is always registered (@smnandre)
bug #52218 [FrameworkBundle] Add conflict with WebProfilerBundle < 6.4 (@HeahDude)

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