Symfony 6.4.0-RC2 released

Symfony 6.4.0-RC2 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.4.0-RC1:

bug #52724 [Security] make secret required for DefaultLoginRateLimiter (@RobertMe)
bug #52617 [AssetMapper] Fix resolving jsdeliver default + other exports from modules (@ogizanagi)
feature #52712 [AssetMapper] Exclude dot files (@weaverryan)
bug #52725 [AssetMapper] Fix: also download files referenced by url() in CSS (@weaverryan)
bug #52702 [AssetMapper] Fix eager imports are not deduplicated (@smnandre)
bug #52719 [Mime] Add TemplatedEmail::$locale to the serialized props (@mkrauser)
bug #52677 [Translation] [Lokalise] Fix language format on Lokalise Provider (@welcoMattic)
bug #52715 [Cache] fix detecting the database server version (@xabbuh)
bug #52688 [Cache] Add url decoding of password in RedisTrait DSN (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #52172 [Serializer] Fix denormalizing empty string into object|null parameter (@Jeroeny)
bug #52693 [Messenger] Fix message handlers with multiple from_transports (@valtzu)
bug #52684 [PropertyInfo] Fixed promoted property type detection for PhpStanExtractor (@LastDragon-ru)
bug #52681 [Serializer] Fix support for DiscriminatorMap in PropertyNormalizer (@mtarld)
bug #52680 [Serializer] Fix access to private properties/getters when using the @Ignore annotation (@mtarld)
bug #52713 [Serializer] Fix deserialization_path missing using contructor (@mtarld)
bug #52683 [Serializer] Fix constructor deserialization path (@mtarld)
bug #52707 [HttpKernel] Fix logging deprecations to the „php“ channel when channel „deprecation“ is not defined (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52589 [Serializer] Fix XML attributes not added on empty node (@mtarld)
bug #52686 [Cache] fix detecting the server version with Doctrine DBAL 4 (@xabbuh)
bug #52629 [Messenger] Fix support for Redis Sentinel using php-redis 6.0.0 (@pepeh)
bug #52656 [FrameworkBundle] Add TemplateController to the list of allowed controllers for fragments (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52459 [Cache][HttpFoundation][Lock] Fix PDO store not creating table + add tests (@HypeMC)
bug #52626 [Serializer] Fix denormalizing date intervals having both weeks and days (@oneNevan)
bug #52578 [Serializer] Fix denormalize constructor arguments (@mtarld)
bug #52526 Add some more non-countable English nouns (@paullallier)
bug #52604 [FrameworkBundle] register the virtual request stack together with common profiling services (@xabbuh)
bug #52039 [Scheduler] Continue with stored Checkpoint::$time on lock (@Jeroeny)
bug #52631 [DomCrawler] Revert „bug #52579 UriResolver support path with colons“ (@lyrixx)
bug #52618 [VarExporter] Fix handling mangled property names returned by __sleep() (@nicolas-grekas)

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