Symfony 6.4.3 released

Symfony 6.4.3 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.4.2:

bug #52913 [Routing] Fixed priority getting lost when setting localized prefix (@pritasil)
bug #53681 [DoctrineBridge] Fix detection of Xml/Yaml driver in DoctrineExtension (@GromNaN)
bug #53183 [Messenger] PhpSerializer: TypeError should throw MessageDecodingFailedException (@B-Galati)
bug #52131 [HttpKernel] Fix RequestPayloadValueResolver handling error with no ExpectedTypes (@Jeroeny)
bug #51559 [DependencyInjection] #[Autowire] attribute should have precedence over bindings (@HypeMC)
bug #53678 [Mime] Fix serializing uninitialized RawMessage::$message to null (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53634 [Notifer][Smsapi] Set messageId of SentMessage (@tomasz-kusy)
bug #53501 [DependencyInjection] support lazy evaluated exception messages with Xdebug 3 (@xabbuh)
bug #53672 [FrameworkBundle] ConfigBuilderCacheWarmer should be non-optional (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #52994 [MonologBridge] Fix context data and display extra data (@louismariegaborit)
bug #53671 [HttpClient] Fix pausing responses before they start when using curl (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53594 [Notifier] Updated the NTFY notifier to run without a user parameter (@lostfocus)
bug #53620 [Validator] Fix option filenameMaxLength to the File constraint (Image) (@mindaugasvcs)
bug #53624 [Translation] Fix constant domain resolution in PhpAstExtractor (@VincentLanglet)
bug #53663 [TwigBridge] separate child and parent context in NotificationEmail on writes (@xabbuh)
bug #53667 [Mailer] [Mailgun] Fix sender header encoding (@spajxo)
bug #53631 [DependencyInjection] Fix loading all env vars from secrets when only a subset is needed (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53656 [Form] Use self-closing <input /> syntax again, reverting #47715 (@mpdude)
bug #53653 [Mailer] [Scaleway] Fix attachment handling (@madbob)
bug #53157 [Mailer] Throw TransportException when unable to read from socket (@xdanik)
bug #53361 [Serializer] Take unnamed variadic parameters into account when denormalizing (@thijsBreker)
bug #53530 [Serializer] Rewrite AbstractObjectNormalizer::createChildContext() to use the provided cache_key from original context when creating child contexts (@amne)
bug #53506 [HttpClient] Fix error chunk creation in passthru (@rmikalkenas)
bug #53260 [AssetMapper] Handle assets with non-ascii characters in dev server (@fbourigault)
bug #53357 [Translation] Fix TranslationNodeVisitor with constant domain (@VincentLanglet)
bug #53525 [Messenger] [AMQP] Throw exception on nack callback (@kvrushifa)
bug #53432 [HttpFoundation] Request without content-type or content-length header should result in null values, not empty strings (@priyadi)
bug #53593 [Cache] Fix possible infinite loop in CachePoolPass (@HypeMC)
bug #53588 [Translation] fix multi-byte code area to convert (@xabbuh)
bug #53572 [FrameworkBundle] grab a service from the container only if it exists (@xabbuh)
bug #53565 [Mime] Fix undefined array key 0 when empty sender (@0x346e3730)
bug #53516 [Console] Allow ‚0‘ as a $shortcut in InputOption.php (@lawsonjl-ornl)
bug #53576 [Console] Only execute additional checks for color support if the output (@theofidry)
bug #53582 [TwigBundle] Fix configuration when „paths“ is null (@smnandre)
bug #53575 [Mailer] register the MailPaceTransportFactory (@xabbuh)
bug #53581 [String] fix aircraft inflection (@renanbr)
bug #53509 [Security] Fix AuthenticationUtils::getLastUsername() returning null (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #53567 [String] Correct inflection of axis (Vladislav Iurciuc)
bug #53537 [VarDumper] Fix missing colors initialization in CliDumper (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53481 [Process] Fix executable finder when the command starts with a dash (@kayw-geek)
bug #53006 [ErrorHandler] Don’t format binary strings (@aleho)
bug #53453 [Translation] add support for nikic/php-parser 5.0 (@xabbuh)
bug #53434 [ErrorHandler] fix rendering exception pages without the HttpKernel component (@xabbuh)
bug #53441 [Messenger] Amazon SQS Delay has a max of 15 minutes (@alamirault)
bug #53414 [Serializer] GetSetMethodNormalizer: fix BC break with #[Ignore] attribute (@nikophil)
bug #53383 [Validator] re-allow an empty list of fields (@xabbuh)
bug #53418 [FrameworkBundle][Notifier] Fix service registration (MessageBird + TurboSms) (@smnandre)
bug #53381 [Form] Fix assigning data in PostSetDataEvent and PostSubmitEvent (@fancyweb)
bug #53350 [Validator] fix the exception being thrown (@xabbuh)
bug #52930 [Messenger] Fix Redis messenger scheme comparison (@freswa)
bug #52874 [Scheduler] Separate id and description in message providers (@valtzu)
bug #53341 [FrameworkBundle] append instead of replacing potentially non-existent named-arguments (@xabbuh)
bug #53320 [Cache][DependencyInjection][Lock][Mailer][Messenger][Notifier][Translation] Url decode username and passwords from parse_url() results (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #53108 [Serializer] Fix using deserialization path 5.4 (@HypeMC)

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