Symfony 7.0.4 released

Symfony 7.0.4 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 7.0.3:

bug #53985 [HttpKernel] Allow tagged controllers in ControllerResolver (@marein)
bug #54054 [VarExporter] Bugfix/workaround jit issue (@verfriemelt-dot-org)
bug #54050 [Messenger] Revert „Resend failed retries back to failure transport “ (@ro0NL)
bug #54045 [Config][Messenger][Security] Don’t turn deprecations into exceptions when unserializing (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #54035 [DependencyInjection] Fix computing error messages involving service locators (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53959 [Serializer] Fix unknown types normalization type when know type (@Myks92)
bug #53960 [Messenger] the ‚use_notify‘ option is on the factory, not on the postgres connection (@dbu)
bug #54031 [ErrorHandler] Fix parsing messages that contain anonymous classes on PHP >= 8.3.3 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #54014 [AssetMapper] Fix enquoted string pattern (@smnandre)
bug #54010 [Translation] Fix extracting qualified t() function calls (@rvanvelzen)
bug #53967 [ErrorHandler] return the unchanged text if preg_replace_callback() fails (@xabbuh)
bug #54009 [Console] Fix display of vertical Table on Windows OS (@VincentLanglet)
bug #54001 [Console] Fix display of Table on Windows OS (@VincentLanglet)
bug #53989 [FrameworkBundle] Fix config builder with extensions extended in build() (@HypeMC)
bug #54005 Fix a minor design issue in the Welcome Page (@javiereguiluz)
bug #54004 [WebProfilerBundle] disable turbo in web profiler toolbar to avoid link prefetching (@davidgorges)
bug #54006 [Process] Fix the command -v exception (@kayw-geek)
bug #53975 [Cache] explicitly cast boolean SSL stream options (@xabbuh)
bug #53926 [TwigBridge] foundation 5 layout: use form_label_content block for checkbox and radio labels (@wetternest)
bug #53913 [TwigBridge] Fix compat with Twig v3.9 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53819 [Doctrine Messenger] Fix support for pgsql + pgbouncer. (@jwage)
bug #53944 [Messenger] Gracefully fallback to empty queue config (@Wirone)
bug #53935 [Mailer] [Mailgun] Fix expecting payload without tags or user variables (@norkunas)
bug #53934 [Mailer] Fix signed emails breaking the profiler (@HypeMC)
bug #53924 [FrameworkBundle] Check if the _route attribute exists on the request (@xvilo)
bug #53910 [Messenger] Fix SQS visibility_timeout type (@valtzu)
bug #53891 [PropertyAccess] Fixes getValue() on an unitialized object property on a lazy ghost (@priyadi)
bug #53889 [HttpClient] Make retry strategy work again (@Nyholm)
bug #53906 [VarDumper] Fix serialization of stubs with null or uninitialized values (@derrabus)
bug #53890 [VarExporter] Uniform unitialized property error message under ghost and non-ghost objects (@priyadi)
bug #53893 [AssetMapper] Ignore comment lines in JavaScriptImportPathCompiler (@smnandre)
bug #53826 [DomCrawler][Form] Fix the exclusion of <template> (@mpiot)
bug #53869 [Mailer][Postmark][Webhook] Fix webhook testing in dockerized setups (@aleho)
bug #53755 [Validator] Fix fields without constraints in Collection (@xabbuh, @HypeMC)
bug #53821 [Process] Fix Inconsistent Exit Status in proc_get_status for PHP Versions Below 8.3 (@Luc45)
bug #53829 [Mailer][Postmark][Webhook] Accept different date formats (@aleho)
bug #53870 [Dotenv] Specify envKey while loading variables with the dotenv:dump (@scruwi)
bug #53876 [DependencyInjection] fix unable to make lazy service from readonly class (@kor3k)
bug #53733 [HttpFoundation] Prevent duplicated headers when using Early Hints (@dunglas)
bug #53817 [Scheduler] Fix messenger receiver with no alias (@HypeMC)
bug #53842 [VarDumper] Fix configuring CliDumper with SYMFONY_IDE env var (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53824 [Mailer][Postmark][Webhook] Don’t require tag and metadata (@aleho)
bug #53846 [Cache] Fix BC layer with pre-6.1 cache items (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53792 [FrameworkBundle] Fix eager-loading of env vars in ConfigBuilderCacheWarmer (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #53785 [FrameworkBundle] Prevent silenced warning by checking if /proc/mount exists (@shyim)
bug #53730 [Messenger] [Beanstalkd] fix tube stats when it’s empty (@eminjk)
bug #53754 [DoctrineBridge] forward-compatibility with field mappings in Doctrine ORM 4 (@xabbuh)
bug #53751 [AssetMapper] Improve import_polyfill configuration error (@smnandre)
bug #53704 Fix client side connection timeout breaks mail authentication (@bytestream)
bug #53744 [SecurityBundle] add missing partition attribute to the schema definition (@xabbuh)
bug #53707 [Console] Fix color support for TTY output (@theofidry)
bug #53712 [Mailer] Fix usage of stream_set_timeout in case of microseconds (@aleksejs1)
bug #53715 [String] Fix plural of word ending by pus (@Fan2Shrek)
bug #53711 [Console] Allow false as a $shortcut in InputOption (@jayminsilicon)
bug #53716 [Mailer] [Mailgun] Fix payload converter getReason (@norkunas)
bug #53703 [HttpFoundation] Fix clearing CHIPS cookies (@misaert)
bug #53701 [AssetMapper] Fix exception if assets directory is missing in production (@rynhndrcksn)
bug #53652 [AssetMapper] Fix JavaScript compiler load imports from JS strings (@smnandre)
bug #53689 [HttpKernel] Fix including welcome page multiple times (@HypeMC)

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