Symfony 7.0.7 released

Symfony 7.0.7 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 7.0.6:

bug #54699 [DoctrineBridge] Update AbstractSchemaListener to adjust more database params (@ywisax)
bug #54691 [Finder] Also consider .git inside the basedir of in() directory (@nickvergessen)
bug #54724 [AssetMapper] Check asset/vendor directory is writable (@smnandre)
bug #54750 [Validator] detect wrong usages of minMessage/maxMessage in options (@xabbuh)
bug #54751 [Validator] detect wrong e-mail validation modes (@xabbuh)
bug #54723 [Form] read form values using the chain data accessor (@xabbuh)
bug #54706 [Yaml] call substr() with integer offsets (@xabbuh)
bug #54675 [PropertyInfo] Fix PHPStan properties type in trait (@mtarld)
bug #54673 [Messenger] explicitly cast boolean SSL stream options (@xabbuh)
bug #54665 Add test for AccessTokenHeaderRegex and adjust regex (@Spomky)
bug #54635 [Serializer] Revert „Fix object normalizer when properties has the same name as their accessor“ – it was a BC Break (@NeilPeyssard)
bug #54625 [Intl] Remove resources data from classmap generation (@shyim)
bug #54598 [TwigBridge] implement NodeVisitorInterface instead of extending AbstractNodeVisitor (@xabbuh)
bug #54072 [HttpKernel] Fix datacollector caster for reference object property (@ebuildy)
bug #54395 [Serializer] Fixing PHP warning in the ObjectNormalizer with MaxDepth enabled (@jaydiablo)
bug #54564 [Translation] Skip state=needs-translation entries only when source == target (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #54579 [Cache] Always select database for persistent redis connections (@uncaught)
bug #54059 [Security] Validate that CSRF token in form login is string similar to username/password (@glaubinix)
bug #54530 [Clock] initialize the current time with midnight before modifying the date (@xabbuh)
bug #54547 [HttpKernel] Force non lazy controller services (@smnandre)
bug #54517 [HttpClient] Let curl handle transfer encoding (@michaelhue)
bug #52917 [Serializer] Fix unexpected allowed attributes (@mtarld)
bug #54063 [FrameworkBundle] Fix registration of the bundle path to translation (@FlyingDR)
bug #54392 [Messenger] Make Doctrine connection ignore unrelated tables on setup (@MatTheCat)
bug #54513 [HtmlSanitizer] Ignore Processing Instructions (@smnandre)
bug #54506 [HttpFoundation] Set content-type header in RedirectResponse (@smnandre)
bug #54505 [Serializer] initialize serializer in trait with null (@xabbuh)
bug #52698 [Serializer] Fix XML scalar to object denormalization (@mtarld)
bug #54485 [Serializer] Ignore when using #[Ignore] on a non-accessor (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #54105 [Messenger] Improve deadlock handling on ack() and reject() (@jwage)
bug #54242 [HttpClient] [EventSourceHttpClient] Fix consuming SSEs with rn separator (@fancyweb)
bug #54487 [Validator] Accept Stringable in ExecutionContext::build/addViolation() (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #54456 [DomCrawler] Encode html entities only if nessecary (@ausi)
bug #54484 [Serializer] reset backed_enum priority, and re-prioritise translatable (@GwendolenLynch)
bug #54471 [Filesystem] Strengthen the check of file permissions in dumpFile (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #54403 [FrameworkBundle] [Command] Fix #54402: Suppress PHP warning when is_readable() tries to access dirs outside of open_basedir restrictions (Jeldrik Geraedts)
bug #54440 [Console] return null when message with name is not set (@xabbuh)
bug #54468 [Translation] Fix LocaleSwitcher throws when intl not loaded (@smnandre)

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