Symfony 7.1.0-RC1 released

Symfony 7.1.0-RC1 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 7.1.0-BETA1:

bug #54970 [DependencyInjection] Process PHP configs using the ContainerConfigurator (@MatTheCat)
bug #49186 [Serializer] Improve exception message in UnwrappingDenormalizer (@andersonamuller)
bug #54694 [PropertyInfo] Update DoctrineExtractor for new DBAL 4 BIGINT type (@llupa)
bug #54851 [Serializer] Fixed „Warning: Attempt to read property „value“ on string“ (@michaljusiega, @xabbuh)
bug #54913 [Serializer] Fix CurrentType for missing property (@ElisDN)
feature #54941 is sponsoring Symfony 7.1, thanks to them! o/ (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #54797 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix DeprecationErrorHandler with PhpUnit 10 (@HypeMC)
bug #54878 [Filesystem] Fix dumpFile stat failed error hitting custom handler (@acoulton)
bug #54924 [Validator] IBAN Check digits should always between 2 and 98 (@karstennilsen)
bug #54919 [ErrorHandler] Do not call xdebug_get_function_stack() with xdebug >= 3.0 when not in develop mode (@fmata)
bug #54910 [HttpFoundation] filter out empty HTTP header parts (@xabbuh)
bug #54888 [String] Fix folded in compat mode (@smnandre)
bug #54925 [VarDumper] adapt namespace changes for new DOM extension classes (@xabbuh)
bug #54835 [DoctrineBridge] fix setting validated fields not using the options array (@xabbuh)
bug #54863 [Process] Return false when open_basedir prevents access to /dev/tty (@mjauvin)
bug #54908 [DependencyInjection] Fix „Cannot replace arguments“ errors caused by ResolveAutowireInlineAttributesPass (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #54860 [HttpClient] Revert fixing curl default options (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #54859 [Messenger] Don’t mark EnvelopeAwareExceptionInterface internal (@valtzu)
bug #54850 [VarExporter] fix ProxyHelper::generateLazyProxy() when a method returns null (@nikophil)
bug #54842 [Messenger] Don’t drop stamps when message validation fails (@valtzu)
bug #54838 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix assignment to constant variable (@HypeMC)
bug #54837 [Mailer] [Sendgrid] Use DataPart::getContentId() when DataPart::setContentId() is used (@SherinBloemendaal)
bug #54839 Fix exception thrown during LDAP_MODIFY_BATCH_REMOVE_ALL batch operations (@phasdev)
bug #54834 [Validator] Check Locale class existence before using it (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #54830 [HttpClient] Fix cURL default options for PHP 8.4 (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #54828 [Serializer] Fix GetSetMethodNormalizer not working with setters with optional args (@HypeMC)
bug #54816 [Cache] Fix support for predis/predis:^2.0 (@mfettig)

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