Symfony in the Cloud: Your enterprise projects on

You may be a passionate developer, a small team, or a big enterprise corporation; can scale with you.

Enterprise projects have specific needs as they’re highly critical for your business.

For the most demanding customers, you can opt-in for the Enterprise or Elite tiers from They bring a lot:

Support SLA: Urgent requests answered under 1h on Enterprise, and 45m on Elite
Guaranteed uptime SLA: from 99.9% to 99.99%
Active monitoring 24×7
On-Call support agent pro-actively paged in case of an incident
CDN included with 1TB of bandwidth included
Dedicated VMs up to 192 vCPUs and 768 GB RAM with the classic 3x redundancy architecture and even more with the split architecture
Observability Suite, including Metrics, Blackfire APM, and Profiling
Automated Backups
Automated code updates feature for managing fleets of websites
Auto-scaling: your projects automatically upscale if needed
Additional security features like MFA over SSH, outgoing firewall, SSO, …
Compliance assistance

With the Enterprise offer, our teams become an extension of yours. You can rely on:

Our 24×7 support team that works in a follow the sun model;
The onboarding team that helps our customers discover the platform share best practices, and quickstart projects;
A Customer Success Manager who handles the day-to-day communications;
A Technical Account Manager team that can answer technical questions.

If you want to know more about Enterprise offer, please contact our Sales team (and click on the “Request more info” button).

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