SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 starts in 1 week!

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 will start in a week already on Thursday, December 7th & Friday, December 8th! See you at Square conference center situated in the city center of Brussels, at the Mont des Arts.

Enjoy a varied schedule with 3 tacks in English. It will be the opportunity to share, learn and find new solutions with amazing speakers:

Fabien Potencier will open the conference with a Keynote
Marine Gandy will present Regex: demystifying the hieroglyphics
Rick Kuipers will present Symfony is RAD
Thomas Di Luccio will present Stop firefighting with Blackfire!
Ryan Weaver will present Hands-on with LiveComponents, AssetMapper, Turbo & Stimulus
Alexander M. Turek will present How much database abstraction do I need?
Paul Gilzow will present Github Actions 101: your 1st action
Florent Huck will present Refactoring monolith to multi-app
Nicolas Grekas will present a Keynote
Christian Rades will present Caught in a Web: Untangling Graph Structures
Jérôme Vieilledent will present Taming container environment maintenance let’s go Nix-ing!
Shawna Spoor and Sukhman Virk will present Balancing Act: The Product Trio
Branislav Bujisic will present „Kaizen-Inspired DevOps“
Mary Thomas will present „Your Weakness is Your Superpower“
Thomas di Luccio will present „Stop firefighting with Blackfire!“
Marine Gandy will present „Regex: demystifying the hieroglyphics“
Guillaume Moigneu will present „Upsun: From zero to scaling hero“
Fred Plais and Caroline Leroy will present „Keynote: Is Remote the past or the future of work?“
Simon André will present „A Memorable Game UX with LiveComponents“
Konrad Oboza will present „BC („Be careful“) when dealing with BC („Backwards compatibility“)!“
Niklas Dzösch will present „Why open source still matters – and now more than ever „
Anne-Julia Seitz will present „From Chaos to Control: Exception Handling in Symfony“
Tugdual Saunier will present „Multi-tenant applications using Symfony, for real?“
Sofia Lescano will present „I did it! I broke production!“
Antoine Bluchet will present „A serverless Symfony playground“
Diego Aguiar will present „TDD Styles: London VS Chicago“
Rémi Janot will present „Expression Language in Symfony: Beyond the Framework „
Susanne Moog will present „Using symfony/messenger standalone“
Gary Pegeot will present „Testing with HttpClient, the automatic way“
Guillaume Loulier will present „Need to search through your data? Heard about Meilisearch?“
Bruno Henrique De Souza will present „Simplified Processes With Symfony Workflow“
Magali Milbergue will present „Talkception : why non-technical talks in tech events are so important“
Karim Pinchon will present „Do you really know JWT?“
Rick Kuipers will present „Symfony is RAD“
Marion Hurteau will present „Strings usage : so many tools are already in your hands!“
Ramona Schwering will present „It’s a (testing) trap!“
Ryan Weaver will present „Hands-on with LiveComponents, AssetMapper, Turbo & Stimulus“
Sebastian Bergmann will present „PHPUnit 10 for Symfony Developers“
Kévin Dunglas will present „Symfony Apps as Standalone Binaries“
Nils Adermann will present „Get a grip on your project’s supply chain“
Stefan Koopmanschap will present „Domain-Driven Design: The Basic“
Ondřej Mirtes will present „Static Analysis Crash Course for Framework Developers“
Allison Guilhem will present „Task scheduling can be boring, but not with Symfony scheduler“
Christopher Hertel will present „How to use GPT with your Symfony app“

More details and timetable are available here!

💻 13 workshop topics dedicated to Symfony and its ecosystem

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 will start on December 5th and 6th with the pre-conference workshops:

Test Driven Development The Right Way
Symfony 6: the fast track
RESTful Webservices in Symfony
Profiling Symfony & PHP apps
Mastering OOP & Design Patterns
Introduction to API Platform 3.2
Having Fun & Being Productive with Symfony UX & AssetMapper
Develop your app, with a modern Symfony CMS – Sulu
From ORM to ODM: how to start using MongoDB with Doctrine
Road to safer applications
From 0 to master the translation of your app
Getting the Most Out of PHPStan
Into the light – Refactor, don’t rewrite!

You can choose one 2-day workshop or two 1-day workshop to create your own workshop combo that adapts to your needs and wishes. More details here.

🎟️ Select the ticket of your choice

Register by clicking on Buy ticket and choose your ticket:

„Workshops only“, December 5-6
„Conference only“, December 7-8
Combo ticket „Conference + Workshops“ to live a full Symfony week experience!

🫵 Take part on the unconference track

The unconference track is a participant-driven and collaborative talk format that relies on attendees to shape content and discussions in real-time! Have a topic burning in your mind? Seize the moment! Reach out to us via email at [email protected] to claim your slot and set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Each unconference talk lasts 20 minutes (screen and projector available).

🧳 Organize your participation by reading the attendee’s guide and complete your profile

Read our guide with all the information about the venue, accommodation, catering, etc.

Complete your Symfony Live profile as soon as possible to let us know about your diet and whether you’d like to receive the conference t.shirt!

🎉 Plan to attend the evening at the Brussels Comics Museum on Thursday, December 7

Let’s get together for a friendly evening at the Brussels Comics Museum from 07:30p.m. to 11:00 p.m.! The museum is just a 15-minute walk from the conference venue (20 Rue des Sables, 1000 Brussels). You will have access to the museum’s temporary and permanent exhibitions, drinks & music! Dinner is not included but the “ Brasserie Horta“ restaurant at the entrance will be open from 7:00 with special rates! Admission on presentation of conference badge.

💻 Save the date for the next Symfony hackathon right after the conference on Saturday, December 9

Everyone is welcome to join the hackday! Whether you’re an experienced contributor or new to the community, your participation is highly valued as it brings a fresh perspective! More details are available here. The hackathon will be hosted at Smile Benelux from 09:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CET. Address: Avenue de Broqueville 12, 1150 Brussels.

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