SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022: All you need to know about catering!

As SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 approaches, which will take place from November 15 to 16 at the Disney’s Newport Bay Club and from November 17 to 18 at the Disney’s Hotel New York – Art of Marvel, we would like to bring to your attention that it is important to inform us about your diet in advance!

Below we answer the questions you might have about the catering:

1) How to indicate my food preference?

Once you have registered, log in to your connect profile, click on Conferences and then on Update your Preferences. Here you go, you can choose Your food preference as „No special meal“ or „I’m vegan“ or „I’m vegetarian“.

2) What meals/coffee breaks are included in a registration?

All tickets (workshop, conference, workshop+conference) include a morning coffee break, lunch and afternoon coffee break per day. Dinners are not provided.

3) How the meals will be served?

Lunches will be served in lunch boxes. You can pick them up in the lobby and in the exhibition area. Only those who have registered and have a badge will be able to pick up their lunch box.

4) What catering is open during the private evening at Disney Studio Park?

Inside the privatized Walt Disney Studio park is the restaurant „En coulisse“. It is the perfect place to grab a burger or salad (children’s menu are also available) before you head out to conquer the attractions!

5) Who can I contact if I have a question about catering?

Feel free to reach us by email

We look forward to seeing you!

If you haven’t already done so, register for the SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022

Do you have questions about your accommodation? Read the blog post dedicated to this topic

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