SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022: Headless possibilities

Today we are pleased to announce our next speaker:

Ivo Lukač (@ilukac), Cofounder and Managing Partner of Netgen, who will talk about „Dilemmas and decisions. What we’ve learned designing new Sylius API“:

„Headless is a term emerged recently in the web industry. It was coined to describe a backend system that provides core features but doesn’t provide delivery, just a REST API interface. Countless products like CMSes and eCommerce systems state being headless or at least having a headless mode. Is it something completely new or just good old „divide et impera“? In this presentation, we will explore the headless buzz, how it is related to decoupled architecture and API driven development, it’s pros and cons. Also, what about the head?“

SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 is also:

2 days of workshops in small groups to learn, practice and improve your skills. Have a look on the workshop topics!

2 days of meetings between peers, discussions with sponsors, and interactions with speakers:

Fabien Potencier, Sebastian Bergmann, Marion Hurteau, Diego Aguiar, Ondřej Mirtes, Titouan Galopin, Pauline Vos, Tomas Votruba, David Buchmann, Alexander M. Turek, Isabel Garrido Cardenas, Stefan Koopmanschap, Mathieu Santostefano, Camille Jouan, Florent Destremau, Fred Plais & Leah Goldfarb, Christopher Hertel and, Łukasz Chruściel.

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