SymfonyOnline June 2023: Conference launches tomorrow!

Get ready for an exciting event, folks! SymfonyOnline June 2023 is just around the corner, starting tomorrow and spanning 2 awesome days on June 15-16. Brace yourself for an amazing online conference with inspiring talks and mind-blowing insights! Don’t worry if you haven’t registered yet; there’s still time to be a part it. Just head over to the registration page to attend the international online Symfony conference!

Guess what? The entire conference will be live-streamed on! And guess what’s even better? You can easily find the link to watch all the talks on your personal Account page. How convenient is that?

Check out all the 16 talks and speakers you’ll listen to during the online conference:

Fabien PotencierKeynote: The Scheduler Component
Allison GuilhemAsynchronous juggling with Symfony HttpClient
Łukasz ChruścielIs SOLID dead? Let’s discuss reusable software design
Maximilian BeckersOptimize your software with API first
Carlos GranadosDDD (Debugger Driven Development)
Alexandre SaloméTests in a Symfony application
Malte WunschWorking with Pull Requests
Kevin BondTeaching Doctrine to be Lazy
Nicolas GrekasHere comes Symfony 6.3!
Alexander M. TurekDecouple Your Apps with Symfony Messenger
Titouan GalopinDesign your API for the future
Emanuele PanzeriFirefighting a Symfony & Elasticsearch app with Blackfire
Marine GandyTaming the Forking Beast: Refactoring Monolithic Projects
Kévin DunglasAssetMapper: Manage Your JS Deps Without Node
Florian MerleLet your end users be creative with the ExpressionLanguage component
Ryan WeaverModern UIs with UX, a little JS & Zero Node.

Speakers will be live to answer your questions at the end of each talk. Feel free to share your feedback and engage with them. It’s the chance to interact with the Symfony experts! You can find the detailed conference schedule here!

Now, here’s the cherry on top: all the talks are recorded and available for replay as soon as each talk will start. So, even if you can’t make it to all the live sessions, you won’t miss a thing. Just head over to your Symfony Live account to catch up on any talks you missed and watch them at your own pace.

Register now by clicking on Buy ticket and be part of the @symfony community as we embark on this thrilling adventure together!

See you there!

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