SymfonyOnline June 2023 – Tests in a Symfony application

SymfonyOnline June 2023, the next international Symfony conference, will take place from June 15 to 16! Some speakers have already been announced and we will continue to unveil them as we go along. More details are available here.

We are pleased to announce that the next person to join the team of speakers is:

Alexandre Salomé (@alexandresalome), Director of Engineering,, will present „Tests in a Symfony application“:

„Writing tests for a project is the guarantee for development efficiency and the software delivery chain. In Symfony, we use PHPUnit to do so, and we have many tools in the framework to achieve this goal.

Using the documentation, we quickly ask ourselves: how can I have a maintainable test suite? Should I write a unit test or a functional test? How to handle dependencies to third services? How to test the mail sending? How to organize my test data?

At this conference, I will address those questions and provide an exhaustive tour of the Symfony features you can use in your tests.“

Do you know that you are only a few clicks away from joining us at SymfonyOnline June 2023?

1) Read the detailed talks and program:

Allison Guilhem, Łukasz Chruściel, Fabien Potencier, Maximilian Beckers and, Carlos Granados are part of our incredible team of speakers. Further announcements will be made shortly, stay tuned!

The detailed program is available here!

2) Register by clicking on Buy ticket and benefit from the regular rate until May 24th (included).

3) Choose the ticket of your choice:

June 13-14: Workshop only. It is possible to attend a two-day training or two one-day trainings. Topics will be available shortly!
June 15-16: Conference only with 2 tracks in English. Each talk replay from the conference will be available as soon as each talk ends!
June 13-16: Combo ticket „Conference + Workshops“ to live a Symfony week experience!

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