SymfonyOnline June 2024: How to Test an External API with 0 Mocks?

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We’re excited to reveal the next speaker, and it’s none other than…

Imen Ezzine, @imenezzine1, Developer, Sensiolabs, will talk about „How to Test an External API with 0 Mocks?“:

„In an era where external APIs are becoming increasingly prevalent, our tests find themselves dependent on these APIs.

The initial thought for our tests might be to create mocks to simulate these APIs, but this can quickly become tedious and challenging to maintain.

In this conference, we will explore how to test an external API while staying closely aligned with its contract and without relying on any mocks.“

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Maximilian Beckers, Marie Minasyan, Fabien Potencier, Kevin Bond, Carlos Granados, Simon André, are part of our incredible team of speakers. Further announcements will be made shortly, stay tuned!

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