SymfonyOnline June: Join us next week and level up your Symfony skills!

Get ready for the exciting SymfonyOnline June 2023 event, starting in just one week on June 15-16! There are only a few days left to register and be a part of this incredible international online Symfony conference, along with the pre-conference workshops. Hurry up, as some workshops have already sold out!

Let’s break down the schedule for you:

First, on June 14-15, we have the online pre-conference workshop days. This is a great opportunity to dive deep into specific topics and enhance your Symfony & php skills.

Then, on June 16-17, get ready for the online conference days, filled with inspiring talks and valuable insights.

The recordings of the talks, delivered by our esteemed speakers in English with English subtitles, have been prepared just a few days ago. What’s even better is that the speakers will be live to answer your questions at the end of each talk. Feel free to share your feedback and engage with them. It’s your chance to interact with the Symfony experts!

Can’t make it to all the live talks? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Replays of all the talks will be made available immediately after the live sessions end. You’ll be able to catch up on any talks you missed by watching the replays directly on your live Symfony account!

So, are you excited to join SymfonyOnline June 2023?

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Read the detailed talks and workshops:

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary learning experience with our schedule featuring 16 captivating talks delivered by renowned speakers:

Fabien PotencierKeynote: The Scheduler Component
Allison GuilhemAsynchronous juggling with Symfony HttpClient
Łukasz ChruścielIs SOLID dead? Let’s discuss reusable software design
Maximilian BeckersOptimize your software with API first
Carlos GranadosDDD (Debugger Driven Development)
Alexandre SaloméTests in a Symfony application
Malte WunschWorking with Pull Requests
Kevin BondTeaching Doctrine to be Lazy
Nicolas GrekasHere comes Symfony 6.3!
Alexander M. TurekDecouple Your Apps with Symfony Messenger
Titouan GalopinDesign your API for the future
Emanuele PanzeriFirefighting a Symfony & Elasticsearch app with Blackfire
Marine GandyTaming the Forking Beast: Refactoring Monolithic Projects
Kévin DunglasAssetMapper: Manage Your JS Deps Without Node
Florian MerleLet your end users be creative with the ExpressionLanguage component
Ryan WeaverModern UIs with UX, a little JS & Zero Node.

You can find the complete conference schedule here!. Make sure to check it out!

Discover also the exciting workshops that await you:

Symfony 5/6: the fast track: 2-day Workshop by Nicolas Grekas, Symfony Core-Team, on June 13 and 14
Mastering OOP & Design Patterns: 2-day Workshop by Alexandre Salomé, Director of Engineering,, on June 13 and 14
RESTful Webservices in Symfony: 1-day Workshop by Jan Schädlich, Software Developer Freelance, on June 13 or June 14
Profiling Symfony & PHP apps: 1-day Workshop by Thomas Di Luccio, DevRel Engineer,, on June 13
Getting the Most Out of PHPStan: 1-day Workshop by Ondřej Mirtes, Creator of PHPStan, on June 13
Test driven development the right way: 1-day Workshop by Diego Aguiar, Web Developer, SymfonyCasts, on June 14

It is possible to attend 1 two-day training or 2 one-day trainings.

2) Register now by clicking on Buy ticket.

3) Choose the ticket that suits you best. You have three options:

„Workshop only“ ticket for June 13-14, where you can attend either a two-day training or two one-day trainings.
„Conference only“ ticket for June 15-16, which grants you access to all 16 talks in English. Plus, you’ll have replays available immediately after each talk ends.
„Conference + Workshops“ combo ticket for June 13-16, giving you the ultimate Symfony week experience!

Join us for SymfonyOnline June 2023 and immerse yourself in a world of inspiring discussions, insightful presentations, and valuable connections! Be part of the @symfony community! See you there!

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