SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition was a blast!

We organized last week the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition event. Over 4 days, 2 days of online workshops and 2 days of online conferences, we met the international Symfony community 100% online! The entire event was a full success:

7 different workshops offered, 7 fantastic workshop trainers and 90+ workshop attendees during the online workshops days on June 14-15
18 different talks, 18 amazing speakers and 650+ conference attendees during the online conference days on June 16-17

We’d like to thank all the workshop trainers, the speakers, the sponsors and the attendees for this great online event edition. A special thank you to our Sponsors for their support during this event edition: SensioLabs, Diamond and Track sponsor; Netgen, Platinum sponsor;, Gold and Track Sponsor and About You, Gold Sponsor.

Each talk replay has been available as soon as a talk started to be live during the conference, the entire conference replay is online. If you missed the lived online event, you can now enjoy the entire conference replay and watch all the talks whenever you want. Book your SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference replay at 149€.

Here are all the talks you’ll watch:

Fabien Potencier, Symfony founder/project lead, will be speaking at the opening „Keynote“ on Thursday June 16th 2022.
Jérôme Tamarelle, Symfony Core Team member, will tell you what you need to know to „(Re)discover the Symfony Console“.
Jan Schädlich, Lead Developer PHP/Symfony, will present „Demystifying Bundles“.
Laurent VOULLEMIER, Technical Expert, will speak about „An SSO with Keycloak and Symfony“.
Oliver Kossin, Symfony developer, will talk about „SULU – An introduction to a Symfony enterprise CMS“.
Anna Filina, web developer, will speak about „Writing Testable Symfony Apps“.
Denis Brumann, Solutions Architect, will talk about „API-Platform and Symfony’s Kernel Events: An in depth look“.
Mathias Arlaud, Developer, will talk about „API Platform, third act..
Kévin Dunglas, creator of API Platform and Symfony Core Team member, will speak about „Developing a decentralized web application with Symfony and API Platform“.
Nicolas Grekas, Symfony Core Team member, will present „What’s new in Symfony 6.1?“.
Marcin Czarnecki, Tech Leader, will explain „PHP toolbox – How to improve code quality and deliver faster“.
William Pinaud, PHP Architect, will present „The Single-Page Application Dilemma“.
Alexandre Daubois, Symfony developer, will speak about „Little-known Symfony components that are worth a look“.
Paula Čučuk, Lead Backend Developer, will give a talk entitled „When you get lost in API testing“.
Titouan Galopin, Symfony Core Team member, will give a talk about „Symfony and open source at the service of society“.
Sherri Wheeler, Full-stack PHP/JS developer, will talk about „Controlling Smart Light Bulbs with Symfony Console and PHP“.
Łukasz Chruściel, Sylius Core Team Lead, will talk about „How to optimize background processes – when Sylius meets Blackfire“.
Ryan Weaver, Symfony Core Team member, Lead of its documentation and Tutorial Storyteller, will detail „Symfony UX: New Components, Live Twig & More Updates!“.

See you soon in real-life at our next event: SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022!

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