SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Winter Edition is starting in 2 days!

The countdown is on! SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Winter Edition will start in 2 days! Join us on December 8 & 9 for two great conference days!

The recordings of the talks, in English with English subtitles, were made during SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022. Speakers will introduce their talk and questions and answers will be live at the end of each talk! Feel free to give them your feedback and ask questions:

Keynote hosted by Fabien Potencier
GNAP: The future of OAuth hosted by Robin Chalas
Dilemmas and decisions. What we’ve learned designing new Sylius API hosted by Łukasz Chruściel
From monolith to decoupled…wait, why is that one getting bigger?!? hosted by Shawna Spoor
Customer Trust: Lessons Learned From 1000 Cybersecurity Assessments hosted by Christian Hyatt
Unleashing the power of lazy objects in PHP hosted by Nicolas Grekas
Transactional vs. Analytical Processing hosted by Christopher Hertel
Advanced Git magic hosted by Pauline Vos
7 Lessons You Can Learn From Disney Movies hosted by Stefan Koopmanschap
PHPStan: Advanced Types hosted by Ondřej Mirtes
Schrödinger’s SQL – The SQL inside the Doctrine box hosted by Claudio Zizza
The PHP Stack’s Supply Chain hosted by Sebastian Bergmann
Symfony & Hotwire: an efficient combo to quickly develop complex applications hosted by Florent Destremau
Building a great product means designing for your users hosted by Natalie Harper
FrankenPHP: a modern application server for Symfony apps hosted by Kévin Dunglas
A self-training journey to the Symfony Certification – and beyond hosted by Camille Jouan
Voice of partner panel discussion: how agency partners drive innovation and growth hosted by Erik Evrard
Fighting impostor syndrome: a practical handbook hosted by Marine Gandy
Climate change and IT, scaling sustainably hosted by Fred Plais and Leah Goldfarb
Decoupling an application with Symfony Messenger hosted by David Buchmann
Mutating a symfony project hosted by Isabel Garrido Cardenas
Calculating what we can’t see: carbon emissions in the cloud hosted by Mary Thomas and Leah Goldfarb
Advanced Test Driven Development hosted by Diego Aguiar
How to handle content editing in Symfony hosted by Titouan Galopin
What is FleetOps and why you should care? hosted by Jessica Orozco
How to Instantly Upgrade your Legacy Symfony in Minutes hosted by Tomas Votruba
A web for anyone, anywhere, anytime hosted by Rowdy Rabouw
Modernizing with Symfony hosted by Alexander M. Turek
Headless possibilities hosted by Ivo Lukač
Observability tools: Who’s who? hosted by Jérôme Vieilledent
Painless authentication with Access Tokens hosted by Mathieu Santostefano
Dynamic Validation with Symfony hosted by Marion Hurteau
The Evolution of Symfony: Now and to the Future! hosted by Ryan Weaver
Build apps, not platforms: operational maturity in a box hosted by Ori Pekelman
Bring your own knowledge: The Shopware App System and hosted by Niklas Dzösch
From a legacy Monolith to a Symfony Service Oriented Architecture with zero downtime hosted by Clément Bertillon

The detailed conference schedule is available online.

We recommend using Chrome for a better experience.

Replay will be available as soon as the conference ends. You’ll be able to watch the replay just after the conference on your live Symfony account!

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