The PhpStorm 2023.3 Early Access Program Is Now Open

Today, we’re opening the Early Access Program (EAP) for the next version of PhpStorm!

In this EAP, we’ve included part of the latest improvements provided in PHP 8.3, which is due to be released at the end of November, a New Project wizard for Symfony, and support for the conversion of Doctrine annotations to attributes.

Feel free to give it a try, and remember to share your thoughts and feedback however is most convenient for you – whether that’s on Twitter (@phpstorm), in the comments section below, via YouTrack by going to Help | Submit a Bug Report, or by submitting a ticket directly from PhpStorm.

Here’s an overview of the major updates that you can now experience in this build:

New: Ability to fold/collapse/minimize multiline PHP attributes [WI-67444]

New: Support generics for array access type inference (via ArrayAccess::offsetGet) [WI-61439]

Fix: Object like array in psalm-type/phpstan-type isn’t parsed properly if type is declared without assignment sign [WI-70218]

Fix: Docker mappings for scratches break remote Docker support [WI-70271]

Fix: not typed non-empty-array is marked as undefined class [WI-69615]

New: Dedicated styling of generic types [WI-63801]

Fix: Exception never thrown in block: False positive when exception is thrown in constructor [WI-70899]

New: Do not report ‘Void method result used’ for PhpSpec & Prophecy test calls [WI-68395]

New: Show the actual type (array, iterable, Collection) instead of generalized type[] in Quick Documentation [WI-59357]

Fix: No new icon in the design language of the macOS Big Sur for Macs [IDEA-256202]

New: Allow hiding the main toolbar in normal view mode [IDEA-303413]

New: Allow options for caret/cursor height and width [IDEA-164303]

Fix: Editor tabs: Enable file colors by default [IDEA-295115]

New: Create GitLab snippet like Gist [IDEA-201207]

Fix: Find in files does not remember last selected scope [IDEA-268476]

New: Support GitLab 14.x and older 15.x [IDEA-326663]

New: “Find in files” for multiple selected folders [IDEA-92340]

Fix: Splash screen doesn’t disappear after Idea start [IDEA-326273]

New: Support –mount command line option [IDEA-181108]

New: Support for YAML Schema using yaml-language-server comment [IDEA-323117]

Fix: No Main Menu on mac when native menu is switched off [IDEA-319939]

New: auto import type when in TypeScript [WEB-47235]

New: jest.mock file path declartion [WEB-34620]

Fix: incorrect highlighting of variable occurrences in case of object property value shorthands [WEB-38140]

The full list of the updates included in this build is available in the release notes. We’ll keep you informed about any upcoming changes in our weekly EAP blog posts.

If you’re not familiar with how our Early Access Program (EAP) operates, here’s a quick overview:

We release new EAP builds on a weekly basis, giving you a sneak peek at upcoming features.

EAP builds are completely free to use and do not require a license.

You can install the EAP version alongside your stable PhpStorm installation, so there’s no need to uninstall your current version.

The most convenient way to access EAP builds and keep both your stable and EAP versions up-to-date is by using our Toolbox App.

Alternatively, you can download EAP builds from the EAP page or set up your IDE to automatically receive updates by selecting Check IDE Updates for the Early Access Program under Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

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