The Symfony Fast Track book updated for Symfony 6.2

I’m very happy to announce that the Symfony book, „The Fast Track“, has been updated for Symfony 6.2.

Updagin the book for a new version of Symfony is always fun. I’ve tried to use the new shiny features instead of the old boring stuff whenever possible. We are now using PostgreSQL 14 by default. We moved to API Platform 3. We are using new attributes like Autowire, AsCommand, and AsMessageHandler. We switched from Yarn to npm to avoid having to install an extra tool. And many other small improvements.

The book is supported by the following sponsors:

Les Tilleuls.

If you bought the PDF book for Symfony 6.0 via Leanpub, you can download the new Symfony 6.2 PDF on
Leanpub via your account.

Else, consider buying the book for Symfony 6.2
today to help Symfony or consider sponsoring me on Github.

You can also read it for free online in English and French for now. Hopefully, more translations will be available soon (translators have already started to work on the new version).

Enjoy reading the book!

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