Updated documentation on deploying Symfony on Platform.sh

For several years now, we have collaborated closely with Platform.sh to ensure that it remains the top choice for deploying Symfony applications.

In the past, our website had a section devoted to using Symfony on Platform.sh. However, this section only covered the Symfony layer on top of Platform.sh, requiring users to switch back and forth between the Symfony and Platform.sh documentation.

To address this issue, we have now merged our documentation, and everything is available on the official Platform.sh docs.

The docs repository has now been archived in favor
of the new docs location.

While transferring the documentation to Platform.sh, we made significant efforts to enhance its quality. We spent a lot of time to providing detailed information about the Symfony integration, which is where the majority of the integration occurs. Our aim was to provide clarity and transparency about the inner workings of the integration. We hope that this will improve your experience.

We’ve also made improvements to the section on environment variables. This section now provides a clearer explanation of how Symfony automatically exposes environment variables in a Platform.sh context, mirroring the behavior when using the Symfony CLI locally.

If you are using Platform.sh without the Symfony integration, we strongly encourage you to read our new documentation that explains how you can benefit from it. By doing so, you can take advantage of its features, while also making a financial contribution to the Symfony project.

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